4 Best Monitoring & Evaluations Jobs and Where to Find Them 

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) are a critical part of project plans for international development. Even when well-designed, programs can underperform. In some cases, they may even fail to attain the desired objectives. This is where monitoring and evaluation come in.

Monitoring begins from the time the project is launched. It involves documenting the and the results. It also includes comparing both against the project blueprint. The evaluation follows monitoring.

As the name suggests, it is all about objectively analyzing the recorded data about a program. Findings from M&E inform future decision-making and strategic improvements.

Monitoring and evaluation jobs are dynamic and exciting. It may look like all M&E is the same. But that’s not true. The requirements of monitoring and evaluation shift with the project’s context. Other things that impact it are target beneficiaries and the goals. The projects can revolve around sustainable development goals. These include food safety, health, gender parity, child protection, and social justice, among several others.

Are you curious about the best monitoring and evaluation jobs? Let’s explore what they are and where to find them.

1. Monitoring Assistant

You can find a job as a monitoring assistant at WFO (World Food Programme). In this role, you will be working to address Sustainable Development Goal 2: zero hunger. As part of the M&E team, you can expect a lot of fieldwork. This job involves collaborating with multiple stakeholders. These include target beneficiaries, donors, and local governments.

Your typical workday will include monitoring, gathering data, and preparing reports. You will also be responsible for assisting with project implementation. In addition, you will be responsible for analyzing its progress according to the Environmental Social Standards. In addition, you will supervise food distribution to the target beneficiaries and verify its flow.

Jobs of this nature are often not permanent. Instead, they come as year-long service contracts. However, they often advertise multiple openings. So if you are interested, explore the opportunity. Also assess the chances of growth it offers and take the leap if you’re satisfied.

2. Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Becoming an M&E Officer at the World Health Organization is exciting if you are enthusiastic about public health problems. In this position, you will be working towards Sustainable Development Goal 3. Your job will include establishing impactful monitoring and assessment systems for delivering projects successfully.

In addition, you will be responsible for providing technical assistance for various public health initiatives. This includes defining the targets and identifying the indicators for health interventions.

Working for humanitarian health programs, you can expect a lot of collaboration with various WHO offices in the specific region. You will also facilitate the monitoring process of multiple operations and projects. In addition, you will track their effectiveness and coordinate action plans for improvements in the program. You will be involved in quality assurance and creating risk management structures. You will also develop and verify relevant documents for the program.

Note that this job requires a university degree in a relevant subject. Examples include public health, international development, or business management. It also demands at least five years of professional experience in monitoring and evaluation. Consider applying for this position if you fit the bill.

3. Monitoring & Evaluation and Gender Assistant

Are you passionate about achieving gender equality? Then you might want to look into the position of a Monitoring & Evaluation and Gender Assistant. Global NGOs such as UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) offer such roles. The projects with this job role focus on gender mainstreaming and women empowerment.

As a gender assistant, you will help ensure gender inclusion in program activities. You will do this by integrating a gender perspective or analysis in reports. In addition, you will work to encourage the participation of female representatives and other under-represented groups in social and business activities.

Your work will also focus on distributing materials and messages about gender parity. You will accomplish this by incorporating a gender-sensitive outlook in communication collateral such as radio and television programs. Through this, you will help highlight women leaders and entrepreneurs as well.

The ideal candidate for this role must have a bachelor’s degree in social sciences. They must also have at least three years of work experience in monitoring and evaluation or project management. The organization also demands existing knowledge of gender and climate change issues. If you fulfill the above criteria, explore the job further.

4. Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

You can become a monitoring and evaluation officer at UNICEF. The organization works for children’s rights across the globe. As part of the UNICEF team, you will be advocating for children through implementing specialized programs. In this position, you can expect to contribute on the operations side. In addition, you will assist on the technical and administrative ends as well.

As an M&E officer at UNICEF, you will work alongside a team throughout the planning, monitoring, and evaluating process. You will also make sure that project follows a predefined schedule and document assessments.

In addition, you will report critical information about the program’s progress to key stakeholders. You will be involved in knowledge sharing and capacity building on the ground. Networking is yet another upside to this job. It is attractive to those who want a more active and social role.

As an applicant for this position, you must be able to demonstrate proficiency in the English language. Moreover, you must have professional experience in international development programming and social development analysis, particularly in developing nations. Don’t hesitate to apply if you meet the requirements!


Monitoring and Evaluation work is critical to the success of development initiatives. The jobs often require extensive fieldwork. They also demand technical know-how and communication skills.

Interestingly, international development work is an expanding discipline. It offers high chances of growth. It also involves travel to different locations in the world often. All of these reasons make it a dynamic field to work in.

If you are ready to take on the mantle of doing social good, look into monitoring and evaluation work. You also know where to find them now. In this blog, we have mentioned names of organizations that have openings from time to time.

While M&E is interesting, it is not an easy job. It often requires technical proficiencies. Many professionals are still working on their technical skills and may not be experts. If you fall into the same category, we suggest looking into handy software designed to facilitate M&E work.

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