Improve Meeting Management With AI

While there was once a time that remote meetings over the phone felt revolutionary, meeting management technology today feels straight out of a sci-fi novel. As artificial intelligence has been integrated into these technologies, more and more possibilities become available to businesses. For example, natural language processing (NLP) systems can record the speech of each participant, detecting who is actively contributing on-topic ideas and who is engaging in non-essential topics. With this incredible equipment, managers can use the real-time insights provided to then identify areas where conversations could become more focused and quickly redirect. What’s more, an NLP system could also be used to identify frequently mentioned keywords which could be used as indicators within the topic for future conversations. Such insight can potentially give organizers an edge in boosting meeting productivity and eliminating waste. Another potential game changer is AI-powered real-time language translation technology. For organizations spanning the globe, virtual meetings with partners who speak different languages can come with many obstacles that hinder effective communication and collaboration. By implementing this state-of-the-art software, such meetings can be made more efficient with each spoken word being translated in real-time. That way, every attendee is able to understand and participate in the discussion. The software could also serve as a transcript for participants to refer back to at later dates, expanding on the extraordinary value it has to offer. Hoping to learn more about AI has improved the meetings conducted by businesses all around the world? Be sure to spend some time reviewing the resource highlighted alongside this post.

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