Importance Of South Asia Infrastructure

The countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka form the predominant part of the South Asia continent. Over the past century, this region has seen the fastest growth and development in terms of infrastructure and population. In spite of the shortage of good quality infrastructure and lack of economic growth, the south asia infrastructure is rising and growing with the speed of a shooting star.

Why should south asia infrastructure be given more attention for improvements?

The infrastructure of a country is the backbone of its economic development. Therefore, south asia infrastructure is no exception to this fact. Below, we have highlighted some of the most important reasons as to why quality infrastructure forms an essential part of the overall development of a country.

  • To sustain growth and development.
  • To support climatic and natural changes.
  • For the flourishment of the domestic industries and for them to become capable of competing with the foreign industries and keeping up with the global modern trends in the infrastructural sector.

Bottom line

Lastly, good south asia infrastructure is necessary to strengthen the basic public infrastructure facilities and to continue making changes and improvements in them to provide the public with good quality transportation facilities, adequate and clean drinking water facilities, minimum electricity and power shortages and good energy sources for daily needs.