The Activities That Come With HR Service Hong Kong

The term HR is very well known. Everyone is aware of human resources, they are the group of people that manages the workforce of a business entity or company. Several HR services Hong Kong offers payroll and HR packages to companies in that area and also in Singapore.

The function of human resources

Most people are still unaware of what HR does. So, let us take a look at their various functions and activities:

  1. Determines the needs and the Do’s and Don’ts of the employees.
  2. Recruits, trains, and then upgrade the skills of the employees.
  3. Supervises and evaluates the employees’ work.
  4. Establishes discipline in the office by keeping away dirty politics.
  5. Manages relationships among the employees, also their payrolls, compensations and benefits.
  6. Prepares records, files and documents for employees personal policies.
  7. Deals with any kinds of discrimination in the office and employees’ performance issues.
  8. Motivates the employees to work hard and helps to mediate disputes among them.

The human resource is service is a must for any office culture. They help the employees whenever they ask for it with their various records and files. They keep balance in the work environment and help the employees to create a positive work atmosphere.